We offer many different guitar painting services to meet the customers wants & needs. Currently we paint approx. 300 guitars a year for customers all around the world. Whether its a total transformation of your guitars finish or just simply a restoration of the existing finish, no job is too big or too small for us.

Have a look below to see some examples of the different types of guitar painting services we offer. If you are looking to have your guitar or bass refinished then look no further. We use the highest quality paint available and offer our work at very competitive prices.

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F4CorsairLtKepford SimsGuitarGrainEnhancement SunburstGuitarPaint KameleonPaintGuitar TransparentGuitarFinishes SolidColorsLNGJEM SimsCustomShopGoldTopGuitar KandyGuitarPaintSimsCustoms IbanezSwirlGuitarPaint