Headstock Decals

Over the years we’ve painted many guitars that the customer has asked us to also refinish the headstock, only to find that replacement headstock decals were not available for many of these guitars. So each time we had to paint the headstocks on a guitar we had to custom make our own replacement decal. All the decals we sell are dead on to the originals or so close nobody would know the difference. These are a must have if your logo has worn off your headstock over the years or if your planning on refinishing your instrument. They are available as a vinyl sticker or a vinyl stencil so that the logo can be painted/airbrushed on.

(Click on the images below to see the Replacement Headstock Decals we offer for that Manufacturer)

BcRichHeadstockSticker           ESPHeadstockSticker           GibsonGuitarHeadstockLogo

JacksonGuitarsSticker ParkerGuitarsHeadstockDecal DeanGuitarHeadstockDecal

ErnieBallMusicManHeadstockSticker  PaulreedsmithHeadstockDecal  WashburnHeadstockDecal